Three Period Lesson


One of the most powerful Montessori techniques ShillerMath embeds in its lessons is the Three Period Lesson.

In general, use the Three Period Lesson when the student doesn’t understand the meaning of something. Here is an example using the definition of “armadillo”:

  1. This Is. Show the picture of an armadillo "This is an armadillo."
  2. Show Me. Place pictures of several animals and things in front of the student. "Can you show me an armadillo?" Student points at the picture for "armadillo."
  3. What Is? Point at a picture for an armadillo. "What is this called?"

If at any point the student answers incorrectly or doesn’t know, act like you’re introducing the concept for the first time and go back to step 1.

The Montessori Three Period Lesson has many benefits:

Using the Three Period Lesson found in ShillerMath helps parents create a stress-free and enjoyable learning environment for their children.