If I get Kit I or Kit II is there anything else I need to buy?

The short answer is, no, the kits are complete. That said, the Montessori Base 10 Workbook and flashcards are not included, so if you have a three- or four-year old we recommend getting the Montessori Base 10 Workbook, and if you are looking for extra practice for a 5 to 10 year old, we recommend the flashcards. Also, Kit II does not include some common household manipulatives such as measuring cups and playing cards. It has been our experience that once a child reaches 9 years of age these items are already in the home.

Does ShillerLearning work in the classroom or is it just for the home?

Studies have shown that students using the Montessori-based method found in ShillerLearning do better. Contact our school sales department at 203-210-5208 and we will work up a quote that fits your needs.

I have three children. What do I need to buy per child?

We recommend a Kit (Kit I for 4-8 year olds; Kit II for 9-13 year olds; Fractions Kit for most ages) because it contains everything you need, can be used for all children in the family, and has free consumable replacement.

How do I know where to place my child in ShillerLearning?

1) We do not want to make assumptions about what a student knows or doesn't know, so we recommend that the educator start each student, regardless of age (up to 13 years old), at the first test in Book 1, with the introduction: "This should be really easy for you and will take you just one minute to do. Let's have some fun and see if you can get them all right." Four tests are included in each book (they are also available online).

2) Check the answer key. If the student answers all the questions correctly, praise and move on to the next test. If a question is answered incorrectly, the answer key is prescriptive: It tells you exactly which lesson(s) will fill the hole identified by this question being missed. Just do those lesson(s) and move on to the next test. [Note: You may also just download the lessons you need.]

3) When the student misses most of the questions on a test, you have now placed that student exactly where he or she needs to be - and you have identified and filled all of the holes in his or her math and/or language arts foundation up to that point using all the learning styles.

I have several children. How do I use ShillerLearning with more than one student?

You may be aware that Montessori classrooms are multi-age. We recommend that you think of yourself as a grand chessmaster playing several games of chess (one per student) at once.

Each student works independently at his or her pace on an lesson, and you just visit each child in turn, answering questions or starting new lessons as appropriate. In a classroom environment with several children, there may be times when a student is waiting for you. We recommend that each student be instructed to put his or her name on a list and you may then serve the children according to the list order.

With this approach you may work with several students simultaneously.

After I buy what if I have a question or need help?

We will move heaven and earth to insure that your child learns and enjoys math! Just call our toll-free (USA only) support hotline at 888-556-MATH for free help, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. ShillerLearning is renowned throughout the industry for our high level of customer service.

How does ShillerLearning do drills?

ShillerLearning allows each student to progress at their own pace. Each lesson is a bite-size lesson and there are three possible outcomes from doing an lesson:   1) The student gets it and wants to move on. We suggest you move on: If the subject matter is not well understood, we'll catch it in the review test. Drilling is generally not appropriate in this case.   2) The student gets it and wants to repeat/drill. We suggest you let the child get closure through repetition: If it's not obvious how to repeat the lesson, suggestions are provided. This is when drills are most appropriate.   3) The student doesn't get it. We suggest you just put this lesson aside for now, marking it as an lesson to revisit on the tracking sheet for that student. Then continue to revisit the lesson every few days until the child is developmentally ready to absorb it. This approach keeps students (and parents/educators) interested, and eliminates the frustration from both unnecessary drilling and premature advancement. Drilling before understanding is not recommended.

What is the recommended time to spend each day on ShillerLearning lessons?

We recommend spending - on average - 15 minutes per day for 4 year olds, 20 minutes per day for 5 year olds, 25 minutes per day for 6 year olds, and 30 minutes per day for 7 and 8 year olds. But your mileage will vary. The best rule of thumb is to let the child dictate the pace and time spent.

Once a student reaches 9 years of age, they typically spend approximately 30-45 minutes per day on average on each subject.

What equipment is required?

For Math Kit I and Language Arts Kit A and B we include everything. For Math Kit II we expect that you will have common household items and manipulatives. If you are in need, there are a number of inexpensive but reputable online stores that can help. For recommendations, you may call us at 888-556-MATH.

What are the elements of multimedia used (sound, animation etc.)?

ShillerLearning exclusively publishes original songs that are integrated into the curriculum. Lessons include both gross and fine motor movement. For younger ages, the focus is on concrete application; there is no video. A calculator may be used whenever the student is comfortable with its use.

What are the methods of Navigation through the program?

There are several discrete sections in each book. Within each section the lessons are traversed in order. Then, at the end of each section a diagnostic test - with answer key - identify areas for restudy. The lessons for such areas are provided in the test's answer key, and these lessons and test questions are revisited until the child has competency and closure.

What are the strengths of ShillerLearning?

The biggest strength is that it is a proven way for kids to learn - and enjoy - math:

o Zero lesson preparation: Open 'N' Go
o Based on Montessori's proven methods and curriculum
o Bite-size lessons keep a child's attention
o Multiple approaches (visual, tactile, auditory, kinesthetic, writing, mental) to each concept ensure a broad and deep understanding
o Dozens of manipulatives provide concrete understanding and application
o Keeps the child's interest; colorful and professionally designed
o CD with 25 catchy, professionally-produced songs may also be played in the car to keep kids occupied
o Toll-free phone support (non-transferable)
o FREE consumable replacement option for the entire family (non-transferable)
o 30-day money-back guarantee (excluding s&h; restocking charges may apply)

What are the shipping costs?

We generally ship USPS or FedEx; so whatever the prevailing rates are.
Purchasers are responsible for all shipping charges, duties, taxes, brokerage fees, and/or import fees imposed by the country of import. Please check with your customs office for details.

How can I order?

There are Four Easy Ways to Order:
1. Online
2. Call Toll-Free 888-556-MATH (888-556-6284; 1-203-210-5208 outside the USA)
3. E-mail sales@https://www.shillerlearning.com
4. Print an order form from the web site and mail your check including tax and shipping to ShillerLearning 258 Thunder Lake Road Wilton, CT 06897

What is the ShillerLearning return policy?

Returns: All returns must have a ShillerLearning-issued RA (return authorization) number. If you ship product back without an RA # you will be charged a 25% restocking fee (minimum $25) plus any additional shipping charges we incur to get the product where it belongs.

For this reason, please call 888-556-MATH to get your RA # and return address before shipping back product.

For kits, returns are accepted within 30 days of original ship date unless the sale was final (for example, for specialty orders, pre-owned kits, convention sales); a 25% restocking fee applies to all non-kit items.

Phone support, downloads, online-only products, and audio CDs are non-refundable.

If any portion of the returned product is damaged we reserve the right to assess an additional charge but we will not assess a charge for your normal use of the product. Shipping is your responsibility both ways; we do not refund shipping charges. If you purchase a kit and download one or more lesson books or songs we cannot accept a return on that kit.

We will not assess a charge for your normal use of the product.

Are there specials?

We exhibit at most homeschool conventions and typically offer a discount for orders placed there. Customers also are entitled to discounts (when logged in these show up automatically on the cart). Registered users receive advance notice of specials.

Customer comments and responses

I've read rumors of an algebra set... any time frame of when this might be available?

For math ACT/SAT prep including algebra. visit http://www.shillermath.com/testprep.

I was looking at kit 1. It says that it covers 5 years, but there are only 3 books? Also I was wondering if the material covered lines up with state standards for those states which require homeschoolers to take the standardized tests?

With ShillerMath students proceed at their own pace. Kit I, which covers pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade, happens to be implemented in 3 books, but it could have been 1 or 4 or 8! ShillerMath has been aligned with California State standards, and our customers from several states have reported scoring well with the standardized tests.

is there an australian math curriculum with metric?

ShillerMath covers both American and metric systems of measurement. And it helps students even invent their own!

Is there a way to purchase the worksheets as worksheets and not as lessons? In Kit 1 I received the electronic download pages and made worksheets for the consumable pages. I would to not have to do that for Kit II. It was extremely time consuming.

Yes; pads for Kit II worksheets are available separately. Please call 888-556-MATH (1-203-210-5208) to order.

Larry, I have the manipulatives for Kit 1, but don't have the books. I assume it takes a year to work through one book. With your current sale on the books what would be my advantage to buying a one year download over purchasing the physical book? It seems to me that I would have two years worth of material for $100 if I bought book one and two instead of buying a one year download for the same price. Ann

Hi Ann, Downloads let you print multiple pages and include the songs in mp3 format.

I am interested in giving extra tutoring math classes. What will the cost be for download licences for 5 students or more?

For a robust tutoring business, the cost is $10/year/student. Please contact us at 888-556-MATH for details.

I have 3 children ages 4,5, & 8. Will I be able to use the same workbooks for all three children? Or will I need to buy or download separate books for each child? Also, do you sell extra workmats?

We recommend the premium version for families with two or more children in the kit age range. It provides unlimited consumable (lesson and worksheet) replacement - and mp3 song download - for all children in the family. Choose item # K01-DL5-0408 in your shopping cart.

If my child tested into the 4th book, would I need any of the manipulatives available in the first kit, or can I just purchase the second kit?

You may just purchase Kit II; the manipulatives are different from those in Kit I.

does your math program work with dyslexic children?

The Montessori philosophy is perfectly suited for those with dyslexia because it explores every part of the brain for each math concept. Dyslexia is visual so it is imperative to utilize all the other learning styles, which ShillerMath does.

why do v write higher place values on left while read them from left to right?

Higher place values go on the left by convention. For example, thousands are written to the left of hundreds, hundreds are written to the left of tens, etc. Numbers are read the same way. For example, we say 1 thousand 3 hundred fifty-four (5 tens 4 units).

Between which books should we do the fraction book?

You may do the Fractions Lesson Book simultaneously with the numbered books and it’s most commonly introduced along with Book 2 but you can do it earlier or later. Just shift between the Fractions and numbered books when you need a change of pace.

I recently received Kit I for home-schooling my 6 year old son and really love the lessons and the manipulatives. I can't wait to get started. I have one quick question about the Download-Is the Lesson Book the book that the sudent is supposed to work and write in? Kind of like their workbook? The reason I ask is that it just seems too nice to let them destroy it. Please let me know so we can begin soon. Also, thanks for what looks to be a fun way to learn math at home!

The high quality, four-color Lesson Books are indeed for use by the student. Educators also use them for the scripting, which has the additional benefit of allowing students to work independently when they are ready to do so.

What is in the consumable items? Would that be the worksheets the children use daily?

Not every lesson in the Lesson Books requires writing (with many lessons children listen and sing to songs, work with manipulatives, and do kinesthetic activities such as running, jumping, dancing, twisting, and turning) but when it does it's "consumable."

I have a child going into the 8th grade who struggles a lot with math. He has learned math facts due to Kumon drills, but now hates math and has decided he is a failure at it.

The multi-sensorial approach in Kit II should be perfect for him. He'll be able to proceed at his own pace and fill the holes that came from his past rote-learning experience.

When do they start multiplication in kit1 or kit 2?

Since multiplication is repeated addition, once a child learns to add he or she is really ready to multiply. That's why with ShillerMath children start learning multiplication at age 5 in Lesson Book 1, although we do not actually call it multiplication until Lesson Book 2.

My son is in grade six and can't do basic math. Do you think he can catch up in a year?

Each child learns at his or her own pace. The reasons for your son not doing basic math could be many (as are the definitions of basic math). What our mission is at ShillerMath is to help children reach their full potential recognizing each child's variations in pace and learning styles.

How long would it take to ship to Australia

Australia shipments typically take 6-10 days.

I have 11 year old twin boys who are struggling with basic maths. They go to regular school. Will I be able to teach them after school.

Of course! ShillerMath has no lesson preparation and is completely scripted, so children can learn independently, seeking help when they need it, and children learn at their own pace, a luxury not afforded to them in public school.

How do the Math materials capitalize on the child's sensitive period for order? Are there other aspects of the child's sensitive periods that are responded to within the Math material?

The sensitive period for order is a Montessori term covering children of ages 1 1/2 to 5 years who experience discomfort when routines are disrupted. At ShillerMath we believe in providing each child with an environment that respects their developmentally-appropriate choices and encourage parents to learn more about Montessori philosophy to get the most from the program, even for children past the sensitive period for order stage of age 5.

What are the downloads? Are they the same materials received in hard copy in the kits, or are they additional materials? Of one chooses not to buy the downloads is anything missing other than the ability to make extra copies?

ShillerMath downloads provide consumable lesson replacement without having to buy additional books. For parents with more than one child, or for children who will likely repeat lessons many times, the downloads are convenient and save money. The lesson books are in color and do not include the right to make copies without a download license. The download license is good only for members of one generation of one family.

Can you purchase the math cds by themselves?

Yes, the Kit I and Kit II audio CDs are available separately.

I received an e-mail that spoke about preowned kits. Can we sell back used (and mostly intact) kids?

From time to time we buy back used kits; please check our monthly Math Tidbit (if you register you'll get one each month) for buy back windows.

How do I order a second set of manipulatives?

Just log in to www.shillermath.com and order it from the cart. Existing customers automatically get special pricing after logging in.

I live in the UK and we're just starting out - my eldest is 5. We are looking into a Montessori based curriculum and like the look of your package. However, being in the UK we use centimeters and meters, £ and kg, etc if we were to buy would this be a major problem?

ShillerMath covers both American and metric systems.

are there more worksheets available? sometimes it feels like we need more practice with a concept when we finish the lesson.

It's a great feeling for the educator when a student wants more practice! Please check our links page http://www.shillermath.com/links.php for lots of free worksheets and practice problems.

so what can I do about my son's learning issues with multiplication tables?

Check out http://www.shillermath.com/whitepaper9.php for practical tips on learning the times tables.

My child has dislexia. Do you have any data that supports if your program would be effective?

Maria Montessori started with children with learning disabilities; since her first school opened in 1907 millions of children have benefited from her approach. Parents of dyslexic children tell us that the ShillerMath-Montessori approach has done wonders for them, due primarily to two factors: 1) The curriculum pace is set by the student; and 2) Each concept is covered by all the learning styles (visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic). The likelihood that at least one of these learning styles will resonate with your child - and result in successful math learning - is high.

If my child is not grasping a particular concept are there review sheets available for download? Also, if parents are having trouble teaching a concept is there help somewhere on your website? Thanks, Debbie LaRoe debbie@signsbydebbie.com

Please see the three lesson outcomes (http://www.shillermath.com/ThreeLessonOutcomes.php). If a child does not grasp a concept do not dwell; move on to the next lesson and revisit the one you skipped tomorrow. Also please keep in mind that math is learned, not taught! When a parent is having trouble teaching a concept it probably means the chlid is not ready for that concept right now. Do not stress! With ShillerMath you may move on and come back to that lesson when the child is developmentally ready; and you might find that in a subsequent lesson that concept is covered from a different learning style that resonates with the child.

23% of 353 =

Ah, the percent problem. Here's a ShillerMath trick: Replace the % with /100 (divide by 100) and replace "of" with * (multiply). So 23% of 353 becomes 23/100 * 353. I'll leave the rest to you!

I have had my math kit since late Aug and have enrolled the kids in school and need to return or sell What should I do?

You should keep it and use it! Many non-homeschool parents use ShillerMath very successfully to ensure their children stay at the top of the class. Do just one lesson/day or more if your child desires. ShillerMath keeps math fun and enjoyable.

I have 2 Children 10 and 9, I am currently using Singapore math and not impressed. So they are at different points in math, which kit would you suggest that I purchase? I would like not to have to purchase both this year if I don't have to.

Both children should be ready for Kit II. To be safe, have each take the Kit I diagnostic tests (available free on the shillermath.com home page) but if they are at grade level they will breeze through them.

I bought the Shiller Math program to use with my 2nd grade students. All of my students are second language learners and this is the first year learning in English. I started the diagnostic tests at Kindergarten level and found that most of their errors are due to language issues. Most are not passing the first review test. Obviously they need to learn this vocab in order to progress successfully in English Math later on. Is starting with Book 1 and moving sequentially through the lessons the best answer? I was going to do a diagnostic tests but it will take me days and days to go through all the tests with 12 students. I am toying with the idea of scrapping the tests and starting with book one lesson 1 and moving forward from there so that they get not only the concepts but also the vocabulary. But then they might be bored because it's too easy? Or maybe they would move faster as it's language not concept? What is your opinion on this.

First, let's focus on what's best for the children. If we do that, you will have the best possible result vis-a-vis the state curriculum. The ideal situation would be for each child to perform at his or her own potential. If you have only 12 students in the class it is possible to do individualized instruction. I would recommend the diagnostic test approach as it is most respectful of each student's background, pace, and individual learning style. The ShillerMath approach to testing is unique: We consider testing to be part of the learning process; not a separate batch process that has to be completed before learning can begin. Analogous to the result of a regular lesson, a test question will also have one of the three lesson outcomes (http://www.shillermath.com/ThreeLessonOutcomes.php): 1) competency and closure; 2) competency w/o closure; 3) no competency. Of course in outcome #3 the student will do the lessons prescribed in the answer guide for the missed test question. But with ShillerMath, we recommend the same process for outcome #2 (at the student's option) so the student may gain closure, even if that takes several days! The bottom line? Some students may spend the whole year in testing - but they may go through two whole books while doing so. With your students' unfamiliarity with the English language you have a double challenge - and a double opportunity. With the recommended approach your students will not excel in math but will also gain a solid grounding in English.

I was recently at a homeschool show and purchased kit 1, I then noticed that you offer a downloadable version of the materials and songs for $99.00 what is the difference between the kit and the download/digital version. Do you still get all three workbooks and answer guides, it appears that the only difference is the manipulables and the fact that I would have to print the books myself. Does the download come in some sort of pdf that I could take to my local copy store?

There are several differences: 1) The download version is for one year only; 2) the download version does not include manipulatives or decimal material; 3) the pdfs must be printed and used by you for your immediate family only. With the download license, nothing is shipped; you just can download pdfs of the lesson books, answer guides, and songs for that kit for one year.

I teach ELL English Language Learners do you have a program for my students?

ShillerMath is perfect for ELL because the lessons are scripted and children can learn English as they learn math. ShillerMath includes etymology of math terms as well.

What is the best way to teach my son his times tables? He's going into 4th Grade and I've tried everything to help him memorize them without success.

The key question is, does your son understand the concept of arithmetic operations (addition/subtraction/multiplication/division) and simply has difficulty with the recitation of facts? Or, does he not fully get the arithmetic operations? The answer will lead you - and him - to the right solution. If the former, drills and practice will work - just do enough each day so that he doesn't get bored. If the latter, use the three period lesson (this is a multiplication: 3x5; can you show me a multiplication (show several expressions of which only one is multiplication; show him a multiplication and ask, what is this called?) until he is confident. As he gains confidence, don't be afraid to ask him if he would like to practice his skill.

BTW if you need drilling/practice exercises we are adding these to the books (and downloads) but in the meantime you may visit our links section at www.shillermath.com for free online math facts drills.

What is the monthly fee? If you pay it, can you download all lesson plans for free?

ShillerMath is not a subscription service; once you get Kit I or Kit II you may download all lesson plans for free (for use of children in one family of one generation only). FYI we do offer 6-month payment plans.

Is the "Activity book", and "student workbook" now combined into a "lesson book"?

In a word, yes. The kits now come with lesson books and answer guides. The answers are no longer in the lesson books.

I have used Shiller Math with my boys at home. Now I am thinking of using it in my kindergarten class. Which level would be most suitable for a group of kindergarten children?

To use ShillerMath in a kindergarten classroom, each child needs one Lesson Book 1. Since you have Kit I you already have the Answer Guide, manipulatives and decimal material, which should be sufficient for a class of 15-20 kindergarteners. Please note that the download license that came with your Kit I does not apply to the classroom; a separate license is required if you wish to download. ShillerMath does offer special pricing to schools; please call 203-210-5208 for price and license details.

I purchased Kit 1 at the MACHE Fair in Frederick MD and need to download more of the consumables. How do I do that?

Just email sales@shillermath.com with the name, address, phone, and email address you used when ordering and we'll take care of that for you.

my oldest is 8, going into 3rd, we have kit I, how does your math kit compare to something like Math u see or Horizons? WHere is the drill on the basic kills. I love your program as a whole, kids love it too, but I want to make sure they will eventually get their basic facts. Thanks

At ShillerMath we look for children to "own" the math so that they not just memorize formulae and math facts but really know them. Drills are everywhere - in virtually every lesson. But not in the typical boring form you usually see in other math curricula! Your children are natural learners. When they get a concept, they will likely ask to drill - and you can certainly ask them if they want to drill if you are concerned.

I have an almost complete Shiller Math Kit I and I am interested in selling it due to not homeschooling anymore.

We do buy back ShillerMath kits; please email sales@shillermath.com with details on your kit. That said, many ShillerMath customers have had great success selling their used kits on eBay and craigslist.org. Because downloads are non-transferable you may want to buy a one-year download license for the purchaser (available online).

Where can I buy or make materials for dynamic addition for my son?

ShillerMath is based on the Montessori philosophy and uses Montessori techniques to help children learn the decimal system. A complete set of decimal material and manipulatives is included with Kit I.

Can the program be returned if it is not a good fit or we are not satisfied for some reason?

Yes, absolutely. If you are not satisfied with your kit for any reason just return it within 30 days for a complete product refund (s/h not refundable; call first for RMA).

Where do I go to download the workbooks once I get my kit?

Once your order is processed you will receive a username and password: Use these to login from the home page where you are taken to a customer-only portion of ShillerMath. Here you can download lots of freebies, including consumable replacment.

I was looking for a program to aid me since I have been out of school since 1978. I want to go back to update my education and was a very poor math student. Thanks for all you do for our children!

It's amazing how many parents (and school teachers) tell us that until they used ShillerMath they themselves were math phobic. Because of the age-independence of the material and the respectful way math is presented, ShillerMath can be used by folks of any age.

My son is 11 and we have been using saxon math but last year was not successful. He is very hands on and easily distracted. would this be worth it to invest in since he is already 11? what do you recommend after that age?

What's critical is to identify and fill the holes in a child's math foundation, regardless of his or her age. For a child of age 8 or older, I suggest taking the ages 4-8 diagnostic tests (available free from a link on the home page). Then, using the customized lesson builder (also available free from a link on the home page) you can see exactly which lessons your son needs to do. If there are 100 or more lessons on his lesson plan you should get Kit I. FYI the testing process itself may take several months! This is because at ShillerMath we encourage children not only to fill holes in knowledge but to get closure as well. Our testing philosophy is quite different: Instead of treating testing as a non-learning batch process designed solely for placement, we look at testing as an integral part of the learning process.

How suitable or customisable is this program for homeschool families outside the US? We are in Australia and the obvious issue of different currency etc is our concern.

Australian and US coins are the same except in Australia you have 20c coins while in the US we have 25c coins (a/k/a quarters); this difference is not significant and will not affect the learning process. We have many customers in Australia and this has not been an issue.

how to use the large number cards

These are the color-coded logarithmically sized cards (1-9, 10-90, 100-900, and 1000-9000) that is the next step in the logical concrete-to-abstract progression when learning the decimal system. Many lessons in Lesson books 1-3 utilize these cards.

What are important characteristics of math

This is an excellent question: most people think math is just arithmetic and times tables but math is much more than that. From the earliest ages an introduction to logic, probability, symbology, modeling, and geometry is critical - and that's exactly what we do in ShillerMath.

How do I start?

Well, first order the correct kit (I for 4-8 year olds; II for 9-12 year olds). If a student is at the beginning of the age range, just go through the books sequentially, letting the student set the pace. Otherwise start with the first diagnostic test in the first book for the kit and do the lessons as prescribed in the answer key for each question answered incorrectly. And call us toll free at 888-556-MATH with any questions! We're always here to help.

What would you suggest for a 9th-10th grader who needs to pass the HSPA

ShillerMath Kit II covers 80% of the math portion of the High School Proficiency Assessment (our algebra, geometry and trig books, which are coming out soon, will cover the remaining 20%). We recommend taking the free Kit II diagnostic tests to fill any holes in your 9th-10th grader's math foundation. We will keep you posted as to availability of the new ShillerMath curriculum.

My son just finished 3rd grade. How do I know if he is on the same level as your kits? Tell me about your summer program. Does it involve what look like the manipulatives we should have been using?

I suggest having him take the diagnostic tests, which I saw you had downloaded, starting with the very first test in the first diagnostic test kit as we don't want to make any assumptions about what he knows or doesn't know. Let him set the pace - going quickly when he wants and taking your time when he wants - testing is part of the learning process! I have a feeling (we are usually one to two years ahead of grade level) that he will end up missing many questions in Book 3. If that is the case go to http://www.shillermath.com/showitem.php?itemcd=L03-000-0608 to see which manipulatives go with that book (for Book 2 go to http://www.shillermath.com/showitem.php?itemcd=L02-000-0507). But if he is comfortable with all 12 diagnostic tests in the first kit then you are ready for Kit II, which will serve him not only for this summer but the next four years. FYI we do have available 4- and 6-month payment plans.

Is it important to memorize multiplication tables?

Mathematician/Philosopher Alfred North Whitehead said, "Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them."

Ask Larry Shiller